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CV - Curriculum Vitae

Who I am? Artur “Octanen” Prip, what are my skills, educational backgrounds and overall if you are interested in hire my company ( to work with you or for you, you might be interested in knowing more about me. It could also just be that you are intrigued, finding out more about me as a person, CEO and human being.


My educational background and schools I have attended over the years. The ones listed, are just the major ones.

  • The Higher Commercial Examination - Frederikshavn

    Major in Business Economics, Sales Marketing & IT Communication
  • The Higher Technical Examination - Aabenraa & Grindsted

    Major in Technical Science, Technology, Social Science, English & ICT.
  • Vesterlund Gymnastics Continuation School

    Preperation for High School & Higher Examination Schools

Business Experiences

Companies i have worked for over the years, learned things and aquired skills that have helped me reach the point where I am today and started my own company back in 2018 and built to what it is today, a 1 man army power house of capable of delivering solutions to all sorts of businesses and needs. I took the liberty of only adding the most recent ones, otherwise this will end up being a very lengthy CV due to me having many sparetime jobs / summer jobs and so on.


    2018 - Current
    I had the oppertunity to undergo a mentor program in Aalborg Denmark, where i learned everything i needed to run a successfull business thanks to Business Aalborg. My work consists of helping streamers, YouTubers, small upstart companies and large conglomorates. I have worked so far with companies like European House of Beds, JYSK, NAPCO Group, Høgh Møbler, Frostbolig and many many more.

    The hobby became my job, and i love every second of it, you can see more of what I work with and with whom on my website
  • Webdanes Group A/S ( &

    2016 - 2017
    While workinig as a warehouse manager, I had resposibilities for processing webshop orders, unpacking and shelfing the various gaming periphirals, PC components, liquid cooling components etc. I was priviliged to work with and talk to gamers across the world that were Streamers and YouTubers and some were sponsored by WebDanes Group.
  • PlayNation ApS

    2013 - 2016
    I started as a graphics designer, where i designed pages for our upcomming eSports website and platform + mobile app. Due to my experience within eSport for years of playing Counter Strike professionally, i was put in the lead position. I reduced applications visual complexity, load and applied consistent design patterns through-out the projects. I was leading other designers, programmers and sustaining engineering groups to incorporate UX into engineering workflows.

Professional Skillsets

Having learned and mastered so many skills over the years, from working as washboy at age of 12/13, sailing on cargo ships as a teenager, worked for large advertisment and media companies through out the years, to now run my own company. I have aquired “a few” skills over the years and things I have learned. (In no perticular order)

and much much more… feel free to ask, i might just have the skills 😉

Personal Achievements

All the above things mentioned, written up, were either due to other personal achievements or the personal achievements have since been fruits of labor due to my skills. I honestly do not know, but I am proud of my achievements both big and small, they have made me to who I am today. Starting from the, well start…

  • Played Counter Strike (Video Game) since 2000 and later started on a professional eSports team. Participated in tournaments, won a few traveled the country to various LAN parties. Had massive amounts of fun and met life-long friends. Today eSport is no longer a taboo, and a multi billion dollar industry… wild times.
  • I have sailed for a few years, got my blue book. Sailed the world with my parents who were captain and officer aboard a cargo ship. Was harsh, hard, but exciting to visit and see various parts of the world, it’s wonders from a perspective you never see on a chartered “normal hotel holiday”.
  • The biggest achievement would have to be when i started in 2018 and it was no longer “just my nickname” but a 1-man-army swiss knife company that delivers high end website designs, logos, 3D renders, animations, video editing, mentoring and much more.

Past Work Experiences

Its not like i suddenly just decided to work… I have been working since i was 12/13 as a “wash-boy” (Yup washing dishes at a local “inn” outside of Ansager in Denmark) and since then worked as a sailor, warehouse manager, waiter, bartender, art director, project leader, salesman and well a few others that escape my mind currently. But here are some major ones listed below.

  • Freelancer

    1999 - 2018
    While working as a freelancer through out the years, making logos, sketches, website, mockups, 3D models, image manipulation, video editing, UI Design, UX Design for clients across the world online, either directly or through Fiverr and other platforms. This gave me a whole new view on all the various tasks as well as give me insight, how to work in highly stressful situations.
  • Maigaard Skilte ApS

    2012 - 2013
    Designed websites and marketing posters for customers at Maigaard Skilte. Redesigned the visual identity of the company. I also started a user research program and had developed new marketing strategies to gain more customers and generate income.
  • TDC / YouSee A/S

    2006 - 2008
    TDC is one of the larges Internet and TV & Cellphone providers in Denmark. I worked as a technical and customer support agent where my core functions were assisting customers via. phone. I completed various leadership and sales courses and used those to teach others. Working with others as a teamplayer, teaching them and developing my leadership skills were great additions.


Well what good is a lengthy CV if you have nothing to back it up with? Well… here are a few references, ranging from most recent ones, to some old ones, companies and people i have worked for directly, indirectly or as a 3rd party. Feel free to reach out to either their websites, contacts or if need be… contact me and I will put you in touch with the person representing one of the many companies i have worked for and with along the years.

Again, if you have reached the end… thank you for reading my long CV / compressed life story. I mean that, thank you.

Kindest Regards
CEO of
Artur Prip

Logos pictured, are clients i have delivered services / products to either directly or as a 3rd party. I might have forgotten a handful since these were from the top of my head. If your logo is missing, contact me and I will get it added.